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What Is Jersey Devil Thrifters?


Jersey Devil Thrifters? Who dat?

There are many pretenders, but there's only one Jersey Devil Thrifters. What began as a small idea in a little comic (that began long ago), Jersey Devil Thrifters is the store for your casual design apparel and swag. The comic, "Crocodile Deadbeat", is about as New Jersey as a story can get, too!

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Wait... are YOU the Deadbeat?

Not at all! As you will see when you read the comic, in the story there are a couple of deadbeats (toward different people) involved. I won't give away the story, though! You'll just have to read for yourself!

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What the HECK is going on?


It sure is! Well, it's more a cardboard front that points you to the stores where genuine Jersey Devil Thrifters apparel & swag are available. Think of it as shameless self-promotion if it helps.

Ask us anything. We're happy to answer.

I'm gonna go ahead & stop you right there. This isn't that kind of site. You really don't want to copy our answers.

WOAH THERE, hunter! We're not that kind of site either! Go chase Crowley somewhere else! Sheesh!

If you made it this far into the page, then hopefully we've entertained you for a few minutes. Thanks for browsing. If you got here from reading the comic, then huzzah! to you! Browse the swag for a souvenier!

If you made your way here in some other manner & are a little confused, check out the comic anyway!

Let's be honest: in a way isn't everything a bit of marketing?

Okay, bad example. It's marketing, but check out the links. You can totally buy stuff we've made. This site points you there.



If you're like most people, you like stuff. Maybe not all stuff, and maybe not all the same stuff as the next person-- but we all like some kind of stuff.



You work hard for your money. You probably would like to save some of that dough even while you spend it on stuff. At Jersey Devil Thrifters, our stuff strives to treat you right.


So Great

You'll love your Jersey Devil Thrifters stuff so much that you'll want to keep it for as long as you can.